200g  |  approx 24 servings

Grab yourself a little taste of ancient Japanese tradition. Packed full of antioxidants, Blendsmiths use a high grade of ceremonial green tea in their Matcha Blend. A distinguished, velvety, smooth texture, accompanied by delicate sweetness and that distinct green tea flavour. Of an exceptionally high-quality, their Uji Japanese Matcha is renowned for its wonderful health benefits and its high amount of antioxidants. 



Instructions for brewing...

Hot: Drop one & a half teaspoons (9g) of Matcha Blend into your milk (8oz). Heat by using a steam wand, a pan on the hob or a microwave. Alternatively, make a paste with a touch of hot water , stir and then add warm milk.

Why not try it cold? Simply put ice, milk and Matcha Blend into a blender.

Storage: Once opened, reseal bag with a clip and store in a cool, dry place.

Produced in a factory that handles nuts.