250g  |  approx 16 servings

We're big on chocolate at Bakesmiths (if you couldn't tell!), and in our eyes there's nothing more comforting than a deliciously rich hot chocolate. Blendsmiths Chocolate Blend is creamy, smooth and light in sweetness, accompanied by a hint of natural bitterness for a long-lasting deliciously chocolatey experience. Made from some of the finest cocoa in the world, grown on a smallholding farm in the Ivory Coast. Pro tip - we like to use oat milk for a super creamy hot chocolate that stays vegan ;)



Instructions for brewing...

Hot: Drop three teaspoons (16.5g) of Chocolate Blend into your milk of your choice (8oz). Heat by using a steam wand, a pan on the hob or a microwave. Alternatively, make a paste with a touch of hot water , stir and then add warm milk.

Why not try it cold? Simply put ice, milk and Chocolate Blend into a blender.

Storage: Once opened, reseal bag with a clip and store in a cool, dry place.

Produced in a factory that handles nuts.