English Breakfast - Loose Leaf Tea


113g of whole rolled leaves. No dust. Ever.

Tea deserves more than sad dusty tea bags in a weak, watery sludge. It should be treated like the classic it is. At Brew Tea Co, they use rolled whole leaves which make for a smoother, richer brew.

There's nothing like a proper cup of tea made with real leaves, and Brew Tea's English Breakfast is in a whole other realm! The tasty richness of Indian Assam coupled with the refreshment of a Ceylon is the perfect blend to wake up to, with or without milk. 

What You're Brewing: Assam Black Tea, Ceylon Black Tea.

Rolled whole leaves are a little pickier when it comes to brewing - they're at their tastiest when they're left to brew for a few minutes at the right temperature. They also need a good amount of space to move around and brew, so make sure you're using a roomy teapot.  Grab one, right here.