Our Story

Here at Bakesmiths, we are an award-winning bunch of creative bakers who have been quietly crafting our amazing hand-made cakes for some of the best coffee shops across the country for over 15 years.  We’ve been asked countless times if we could bring our cake wizardry to a wider audience… so that’s exactly what we’ve done! We bake the very best cakes possible in a convenient and easy-to-use format so you can enjoy a little slice of coffee shop magic wherever you are.

Meet the Smiths…

The Bakesmiths – Our Bakers

The beating heart of Bakesmiths, our awesome team of bakers are a dab hand with a whisk and a spoon! Their passion for baking can be tasted in every delicious cake that wings its way to our wonderful customers. We make everything by hand, including our heavenly salted caramel and our funking raspberry and sour cherry jam. This means there’s always a lot of work to get done to make sure our cakes are absolutely packed full of real flavour!


Gemma – Queen of Customer Service

Gem is our true queen of all things customer service here at Bakesmiths. She knows exactly what to do in any situation, always calm and helpful and forever with a smile on her face. If you need help with your order, or have any burning questions, she’s your first port of call!

Gemma Owens



Dom – Head Baker
Dom has been baking since he was a young lad. There’s not much he hasn’t baked in his many years at the mixer, and he’s damn good at it. Heading up the bakery team is no mean feat though. You really have to know each cake inside out, and make sure your bakers have everything they need to make cakes this delicious!



Mike – The Cake Inventor

Cake Inventor? Yep. That’s a real-life official job title here at Bakesmiths! Mike eats, sleeps and breathes all things cake-related and spends all his time in The Cake Lab treading the fine line between mad scientist and obsessive baker. His mum always said he learned to cook in self-defence, and to that we say a massive thank you!!

Mike Smart - The Cake Inventer